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If in the early 2000s it was a “super power” reserved for a few, today this technology is making businesses belonging to all production sectors evolve (at great speed).


And the same miracle is happening in Agriculture.


It first began to spread with the concept of “Precision Agriculture”, above all thanks to GPS satellite technologies and dedicated software.


Precision agriculture is that approach aimed at carrying out targeted and efficient agronomic interventions.
These localized interventions respond precisely to the actual needs of each crop, taking into greater consideration the biochemical and physical characteristics of the soil.


And here the question arises spontaneously.
Is it possible for Precision Agriculture to be even more… precise?


Welcome to the age of Agriculture 4.0.
A precision agriculture that pushes its effectiveness to levels previously unthinkable.


Agriculture 4.0 is a natural evolution of precision agriculture.




The key lies in the digital ecosystem, in which IOT (internet of things) and Big Data are intertwined with the common processes of everyday agriculture.
The result is the immediate availability of a quantity of useful and very precise data, which can be exploited to improve working conditions of an agricultural business at 360 degrees.


This improvement affects all areas of an agricultural business, from the increase in the yield and quality of each product, to the efficiency and sustainability of crops, up to more specific and particular efficiency improvements.


It all depends on the type of data you want to first analyze then convert into concrete actions. Once we have chosen the data we want to monitor, we will immediately acquire greater awareness of what happens in real time (on and off the field). This fundamental factor is what makes it possible to improve various aspects of each type of business by + n%.
This great collector of data and statistics finds its full expression when the information collected (on field activities) is integrated with all the other processes that take place in everyday life (logistics for example).


Would you like to know what precision data would suit your business?
Ask for advice from Marco, our trusted agronomist. He will answer you without obligation.


Did you understand the strength of this Agriculture 4.0!
Transform a normal farm into an ecosystem that takes full advantage of the Internet of Farming… and without any kind of invasive intervention!
An ecosystem in which all processes are easily and accurately monitored, where the causes of each new problem are quick to identify and easier to “fix” (perhaps directly with your PC or smartphone).


We decide which data we want to know specifically. The right sensor installed on an agricultural machine is enough to immediately increase the effectiveness of every decision we make. We will thus have an unprecedented awareness, control and overview in agriculture.


Here is how


The advantages just described speak for themselves.


But what can you do in practice by having a SMART KIT for Agriculture 4.0?


The benefit is both qualitative and quantitative.
There are farms that have achieved savings on production inputs of -30% with + 20% more production.
Other companies have instead obtained higher quality products without any residual chemicals.


As already pointed out, it depends a lot on the type of data you decide to monitor.


The cross-analysis of data collected on environmental, climatic and cultural factors allows, for example, to establish the irrigation and nutritional needs of crops, prevent pathologies, identify weeds before they proliferate.
Consequently, it is possible to intervene in a targeted way, saving time and material resources, with the certainty of being able to carry out more effective interventions, which also positively affect (but not only) the quality of the finished product.


This is the case, for example, of those who do Strip Tillage, who could use these Big data 4.0 to be sure of centering the best processing window.
Or more simply to make sure that a planter or a fertilizer spreader is working in the most effective way possible, thanks to the real-time analysis of the sown, crossing the detailed GPS tracking information and the data of the new generation optical sensors.


But the examples in which Agriculture 4.0 has managed to make a difference are really so many. Each process, each phase, each process can benefit immediately, so much so as to be able to reach efficiency values ​​such as those mentioned above (+ 20% production, with -30% savings).


Would you like to know what data could make a difference in your business?  ASK MARCO, our trusted agronomist.


That’s not all: thanks to these SMART KIT 4.0 it is also possible to establish the most appropriate time for harvesting, in order to pick the product at the most suitable time (based on the specific use you will have to make along the supply chain).


And it is precisely by exploiting these data along the supply chain that the greatest value of Agriculture 4.0 is captured : it is possible to trace and certify products from the field to the processing industry, build short supply chains, obtain products of the highest quality and create efficiency not only in production processes, but also in the exchange of goods and information between the various players in the Value Chain.



• HIGHER REVENUES   (higher productivity and enhancement)

• REDUCTION OF COSTS  (reducing production inputs, the timing of activities and decision-making processes)

• MORE SUSTAINABLE AND CONSCIOUS PRODUCTION  (not only from an economic point of view but also from an environmental and social point of view)


What are the main factors hindering the spread of Agriculture 4.0?


There is a cultural barrier to innovation. Oh yeah! Some still fear change (even the good one, which leads to a virtuous evolution) and prefers to remain in their own comfort zone, linked to a more traditional approach.
It is often underestimated that the most dangerous thing is staying still, while the world out there evolves.


There is still an element of limited awareness.
Many understand only a small part of the large amount of benefits deriving from a 4.0 type Agriculture.
We focus (perhaps too much) solely on reducing production costs, an undoubtedly important element.
But the key and revolutionary impact of this 4.0 approach positively affects the entire ecosystem of a farm, bringing great benefits to the entire supply chain of its products.


Another factor that negatively affects is the average size of our farms. A 2015 Eurostat report indicates that the average farm size is of the order of 12 cultivated hectares, a figure much lower than that of other countries, European and non-European.
In some cases, smaller sizes make it more difficult to invest and appreciate the benefits of precision technologies.
It is therefore necessary to underline that even for medium-small companies, Agriculture 4.0 can really bring great benefits and concessions.
The important thing is to act wisely and make targeted and conscious investments and the ROI (return on investment) will arrive in a more than reasonable time.


Do you already know what could be a good targeted investment in 4.0 that you could start from?
ASK FOR ADVICE FROM MARCO, our trusted agronomist.


A certain immaturity on the part of the actors of the offer must also be considered. In fact, few still offer IOT solutions at the height, in line with the needs of our farms.
That’s why we at MOM are doubly proud to be able to offer such a simple and powerful tool as the SMART KIT 4.0.


First of all, a piece of advice.
New regulations and incentives on Agriculture 4.0 are on the way. Better to have an eye on them too.
Alternatively you can ask our agronomist for info by pressing the orange button below.


As for Agriculture 4.0 for your machinery, we at MOM are proud to be able to offer a simple and versatile solution.
We present the SMART KIT 4.0.
A pack of high-tech sensors that literally give super-powers to your agricultural machinery. Just install it on your machine and… poof! Here it is transformed into a SMART tool for your Agriculture 4.0!


The list of machines to implement with Smart Kit is really long.
One of the combinations we prefer is given by our strip tiller, the STRIP HAWK EASY + SMART KIT 4.0

For more detailed info ask Marco, our reference agronomist.
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