Innovative machinery for modern farmers

Leader in the production of cutting-edge machinery, MOM Officine Meccaniche offers innovative solutions that support sustainable growth in the agricultural sector. Our systems Strip Tillage integrate soil cultivation, sowing and fertilization, optimizing resources and costs, while our solutions for drip irrigation ensure efficient use of water, reducing environmental impact. Find out how to improve productivity in the field with MOM technology.

Strip Tillage

The term STRIP-TILL (or STIP-TILLAGE) refers to strip processing of the soil. Strip Till is a smart, more economical and ecological working approach. This is because it works only specific portions of soil, keeping the inter-row surface unchanged.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is an efficient system that delivers water directly to the roots of plants, reducing the water waste and the risk of disease. Suitable for various crops, it can be automated to maximize efficiency. It promotes optimal plant growth, contributing to water sustainability

MOM product range

Agricultural machinery for every need

STRIP HAWK PLANTER - MOM Officine Meccaniche Verona - Macchine agricole
MOM-Agriculture Machines-EcoinjectX
PACCIAMATRICE - PLASTIC-MULCH-LAYER - MOM Officine Meccaniche Verona - Macchine agricole

MOM innovation in the field

Tailor-made agriculture

Machines that adapt to your needs

MOM agricultural machinery is designed and manufactured, adapting to the most particular needs.

Organic for everyone

Modern, ethical and responsible agriculture

MOM technologies make Conservation Agriculture simple. Low impact on the environment and wallet.

Made in Italy

The union of experience and innovation

Proud of our mechanical heritage. We are part of tomorrow’s agricultural revolution.

News and events

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MOM at Fieragricola Verona 2024
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MOM at Fieragricola Verona 2022
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